Welcome to TU Ilmenau

We are pleased that you have decided to do your doctorate at TU Ilmenau. Doctoral students will find an excellent scientific environment and career-promoting support services in five research-strong departments.

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Welcome Kit

With our welcome kit, we would like to support your start into the doctoral phase.

All beginnings are difficult, but they become easier if you know where to find the relevant information for a successful doctoral period. Our welcome folder contains the guide to doctoral studies at the TU Ilmenau, a welcome flyer and information about our mailing list for doctoral students. You can download the materials here or ask for them in your dean's office if you have not received them yet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to receiving your e-mail or phone call.



+49 3677 69-4792

Mailing List

In order to receive all information relevant for PhD students, we recommend that you join the mailing list promovieren@tu-ilmenau.de. Joining the mailing list is of course voluntary.

To subscribe to the list, simply send an e-mail to promovieren-join@tu-ilmenau.de.

Similarly, you can unsubscribe yourself from the list by sending an e-mail to promovieren-leave@tu-ilmenau.de to remove yourself from the list.

You want to share information with other PhD students? Then send an e-mail to promovieren@tu-ilmenau.de. Your message will then be forwarded to the listed persons.

Doctoral Student Council

The Doctoral Student Council represents the interests of the doctoral students at the TU Ilmenau and advocates for better working and general conditions for the doctorate. In addition, it deals with state and university policy issues that specifically affect doctoral students and is the contact point for all members of the doctoral student body.

Visiting and postal address
House A Max-Planck-Ring 7

Room 013

98693 Ilmenau



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