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Bachelor of Science
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Restrictions on admission
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Standard period of study
7 semester
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Start of studies
October 1
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Basic internship
6 weeks
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Credit points
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Teaching language
May 16 - October 15 | January 16 - July 15 (International Students)

Double degree possible | China


Biomedical Engineering (BMT) is technology for life - it works directly for the well-being of mankind. Its goal is the research and development of technology-oriented methods and systems for early detection, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of diseases. As a multidisciplinary field of engineering science, biomedical technology has achieved an excellent position as an indispensable partner for medical research and practice and the medical technology industry thanks to its many methodological and engineering contributions. The goal of the Bachelor's and Master's program in Biomedical Engineering is to train graduates with a broad engineering basis, outstanding methodological competence and a strong understanding of current medical issues. With the acquired practical medical-technical knowledge, one can successfully work in an attractive interdisciplinary professional field as a partner of the physician in medical-technical research and clinical practice, in application and in various other fields of activity in the medical-technical industry. A successful course of study leads to the professional qualification "Bachelor of Science". It qualifies for the subsequent Master's degree course.


Content of Study

Basic principles of engineering (e.g. physics, mathematics, computer science, mechanical engineering...)

24 %

Electrical engineering

21 %

Medical technology (e.g. anatomy, clinical procedures, neurobionics, biosignal processing, medical physics, ...)

26 %

Optional compulsory module biomedical technology

7 %

Non-technical moduls | foreign languages

5 %

Main seminar, Advanced internship and bachelor thesis

14 %
Detailed subject overview: Biomedical Engineering (Bachelor)

"During my studies, I am taught not only the basics of engineering but also knowledge that I can later apply in medicine in a variety of ways."

Stephanie Wojahn


Practice during studies

The basic internship is a course of study with a total duration of 6 weeks. It should preferably be completed before the study, but can be completed until the start of the bachelor thesis. The specialist internship in the 7th semester lasts 12 weeks and can be completed in companies in Germany and abroad.

Fields of work

  • Medical technology industry
  • Clinics
  • Authorities
  • Medical and biological research
  • Consultants and expert organisations
  • Medical technology quality management

Laureen studies Biomedical Engineering at the TU Ilmenau

Laboratory tour of the Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science

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Student advisory service

Dr.-Ing. Marko Helbig

+49 3677 69-1271

Study organisation

Dipl.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Silke Eberhardt-Schmidt

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