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Kevin Lindt

Data Steward

Kevin Lindt has been a Data Steward at TU Ilmenau since August 1, 2023. This newly created position is part of a Thuringia-wide pilot project. The goal is to support research groups in establishing professional workflows for handling research data.

In his role as data steward, Kevin Lindt is on assignment at the TU Ilmenau, but also at universities throughout Thuringia. Among other things, he helps research groups ensure the quality of data and metadata, select suitable storage infrastructures and strategies, document data sources and data processing steps, or regulate rights and obligations in data processing.

Currently, Kevin Lindt is doing a part-time PhD at the Technical Physics II Group with a focus on polymer physics. He studied technical physics at the TU Ilmenau in the Bachelor and Master. The doctoral student gained his first experience with research data management at the beginning of his doctorate in 2020, attending courses at the university library and the Graduate Center of TU Ilmenau. This knowledge helped him in researching and publishing his own scientific papers.

As a data steward, Kevin Lindt wants to sustainably improve research data management at Thuringian universities. In particular, he is looking forward to working with researchers to develop and practically implement individual concepts, gaining insights into many different research disciplines. In addition, he would like to further promote open access publishing, especially of research data, and thus contribute to the wider dissemination of open science.

At TU Ilmenau, Kevin Lindt works closely with the University Computing Centre and the FDM Contact Point at the University Library, which scientists and scholars can continue to reach at fdm.ub@tu-ilmenau.de with their questions about research data management. Jessica Rex from the University Library will also continue to provide individual case consultations for scientists, as well as application advice.

If you would like to sustainably improve the research data management in your research group within the framework of a data steward assignment, you can request an assignment using this form. The framework conditions for an assignment can be found in the associated concept paper. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact data-steward@tu-ilmenau.de.