The University Computer Center (UniRZ) of the TU Ilmenau

is the central IT service provider of the TU Ilmenau and serves the Thuringian universities within the framework of the HS-ITZ (IT center of the Thuringian universities). It supports teaching, research and administrative institutions by providing IT services and infrastructures, as well as expert advice.



Dipl. -Inf. Thomas Schröder

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Helmholtzplatz 7
98693 Ilmenau


IT-Service Desk

The IT Service Desk is the contact point for the IT services of the UniRZ and is available to all users of the TU Ilmenau. It is the first point of contact for your questions and problems that may arise with the use of IT services of the UniRZ. You can come by in person or call during opening hours. You can also email the IT Service Desk staff at any time. We have summarized the most important questions and answers in a FAQ on the intranet.

Contact and opening hours of the IT Service Desk

Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00

Visitor address:

Universitätsrechenzentrum (Grace-Hopper-Bau), Helmholtzplatz 7, 98693 Ilmenau

IT-Services of UniRZ

Members of the TU Ilmenau can find detailed information about the IT services on the intranet.

Users can find the Current status reports on the IT services of TU Ilmenau at

New construction and initial equipment of the IT service center

With the groundbreaking ceremony on May 16, 2019, Thuringia's Minister of Construction Birgit Keller and Thuringia's Minister of Science Wolfgang Tiefensee kicked off construction work on the new IT Service Center at Ilmenau University of Technology. On the one hand, the new building will be "home" to the previous university computer center and several other, previously decentralized IT areas. On the other hand, it will provide installation facilities for high-quality media technology installations and will also be one of the two locations of the IT Center of the Thuringian universities. In total, a good 2,000 square meters of usable space will be created, as well as 560 square meters of technical functional space. In addition to office space, this will primarily include machine rooms with servers, security areas, and operational rooms. Construction work is scheduled for completion by the end of 2022.

Up to 80% of the financing for the new building and the initial equipment will come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

IT Center of the Thuringian Universities

The IT center with its locations at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and the Ilmenau University of Technology provides complementary IT services in a joint, coordinated and coordinated manner through specialization to support the ten Thuringian universities with their different orientations and sizes. The office is located at the TU Ilmenau.

To the IT Center

Renewal of backup storage infrastructure for three Thuringian sites

This project aims to consolidate and standardize the backup storage infrastructure of the three institutions - Ilmenau University of Technology, University of Erfurt, Bauhaus University Weimar. The goal is to increase availability and optimize disaster prevention, also through uniform administration and user interfaces.

Commissioning of a state-of-the-art GPU computing cluster

Soon efre-eu

Grant number 2019 FGI 0021

GPU compute cluster
The installation of the state-of-the-art GPU computing cluster is a further step towards Ilmenau as a premium AI location

In June 2021, a GPU compute cluster was installed and put into user operation. GPUs from graphics giant NVIDIA are installed in the GPC cluster. If several GPUs, i.e. high-performance graphics processing units, which are particularly suitable for high-performance computing due to their architecture, are connected to form a cluster, their performance is multiplied.

In addition to the 320 CPU cores and 5 terabytes of main memory (RAM), the seven GPU servers contain a total of 36 NVIDIA A100 tensor-core GPUs with a total of 1.44 TB of graphics memory. Connected via a low-latency 200Gbit/s network, these GPUs allow efficient processing of even the largest data volumes. High-performance access to enormous amounts of data (here: millions of tiny files) is made possible by a customized GPU storage solution.

In addition to future research projects of the TU Ilmenau, highly ambitious current projects in the future field of artificial intelligence, such as the project "Engineering for Smart Manufacturing (E4SM)" funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation or the inter-university project "ThurAI", which was launched at the beginning of April and funded by the Free State of Thuringia, will also benefit from this GPU cluster.

Press release: Commissioning of a graphics card cluster (GPU Cluster)

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