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2nd place in the FAIRest Dataset competition

Congratulations to Kevin Lindt, Bulat Gizatullin, Carlos Mattea and Siegfried Stapf from Technical Physics II/Polymer Physics at Ilmenau University of Technology for winning 2nd prize in the FAIRest Dataset competition* of the Thuringian Competence Network Research Data Management.

Kevin Lindt and Prof. Siegfried Stapf's team used nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to study the dynamics of small gas molecules in asphaltene-containing solutions in their research. The goal was to better understand the interaction of asphaltenes with other molecules as a function of molecular properties. Asphaltenes, as components of crude oil, can lead to serious problems in production, refining and transportation due to dirty and clogged crudes, due to precipitation processes, thus affecting the economic potential of the crude oil.

The team won because their submitted data sets exemplified the FAIR principles .

The FAIR principles were published in 2016 and are intended to help improve the discoverability and re-usability of research data. The acronym stands for the attributes Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Kevin Lindt receives a prize money of 1000€, which he would like to use for further training in the field of Open Science.

The dataset, as well as the associated publication, were published Open Access (CC BY 4.0) to consistently ensure high accessibility and the possibility of subsequent use.


Publication: https://doi.org/10.3390/molecules26175218



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  • B. Gizatullin, C. Mattea, I. Shikhov, C. Arns, S. Stapf Modelling molecular interactions with wetting and non-wetting rock surfaces by vombining Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and NMR relaxometryLangmuir 38, 11033 (2022)
  • K. Lindt, C. Mattea, S. Stapf, I.K. Ostrovskaya, N.F. Fatkullin The deuteron NMR Hahn echo decay in polyethylene oxide meltsAIP Advances 12, 075219 (2022)
  • Y. Cao, Y. Wu, X. Tang, Q. Xu, S. Stapf, C. Mattea, W. Li Long-term efficiency for reducing entanglements of nascent polyethylene by a polystyrene modified Ziegler-Natta catalystJ. Appl. Polymer Sci., 51790 (2021)
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