DECIPHER study presented at the 9th European Communication Conference (ECC) of ECREA in Aarhus

TU Ilmenau

Andreas Schwarz (PI, DECIPHER) and Francis Alpers (research associate, DECIPHER) from TU Ilmenau presented the results of a meta-analysis they conducted together with Elisabeth Wagner-Olfermann in 2022 at the biennial conference of the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA) in Denmark. In their presentation, "The global study of Covid-19 news coverage”, they provided a review of peer-reviewed quantitative and automated content analyses of the Covid-19 media coverage. The aim was to assess theoretical scope, the methodological quality, and the comparability of their findings on a global scale. The findings have also served as a starting point for the codebook to analyze media coverage on COVID-19 in the DECIPHER project.

At the ECC, Andreas Schwarz also served as a respondent on a panel on "How to address prolonged crises via ongoing risk communication: multi-country insights from empirical studies on Covid-19 pandemic messaging and public responses." These activities at the ECC were organized by ECREA's Crisis Communication Section, of which Dr. Schwarz is the founder and served as chair from 2011 to 2018. This section has now over 200 members and has been chaired by Audra-Diers-Lawson (Mercator Fellow, Decipher) until 2022, now followed by Florian Meisner (Macromedia University, Cologne).