Modelling and use of SysML behaviour models for achieving dynamic use cases of technical products in different VR-systems / Mahboob, Atif

Ilmenau : Universitätsverlag Ilmenau, 2021. - XXIV, 248 Seiten.

(Berichte aus dem Institut für Maschinen- und Gerätekonstruktion : IMGK ; 38)

ISBN 978-3-86360-234-5
DOI 10.22032/dbt.47179
URN urn:nbn:de:gbv:ilm1-2020000595
Preis (Druckausgabe): 29,90 €

Zugl.: Dissertation, Technische Universität Ilmenau, 2020


This thesis presents a method that aims at achieving generic behavioural descriptions for use in Virtual Reality (VR) that can also be reused to form dynamic use cases of a product in different VR-systems. The focus lies on reducing the overall preparation effort of VR-models and on achieving high reusability of already created models.
The core components of the thesis consist of the use of Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to develop generic behavioural model descriptions, their use in building different use cases of a product in one VR-system and their reuse in different VR-systems as well. The Systems Modeling Language (SysML) is used to describe the behavioural models, the modelling process is described systematically and is also summarised in the form of general-purpose guidelines for later use. Furthermore, a dedicated physics engine is integrated with these descriptions.
Two VR prototypes are developed to demonstrate the effectivity and use of the presented method. Finally, one of the prototypes is put to empirical evaluation performed with the help of experts from academia as well as industry.

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