The ComTraForce and WindEFCY EMPIR projects in the INMETRO research context

Inmetro is the National Metrology Institute of Brazil. Besides providing the necessary metrology services for Brazil, there is an interest in cooperation and research with NMI’s and other partners worldwide. Inmetro currently participates in two projects of the "EMPIR - European Metrology Program for Innovation and Research" entitled "ComTraForce - Comprehensive traceability for force metrology services" and "WindEFCY - Traceable mechanical and electrical power measurement for efficiency determination of Wind turbines" which specifically address the study of the influence of non-static regimes on the readings of force and torque transducers, respectively.
The talk will give an inside of Inmetro in general and in specific of the Force Measurement Laboratory. The current state of the two mentioned projects will be presented as well as optional fields of further cooperation with TU Ilmenau.

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Termin: 21.09.2022, 9:00 Uhr, EAZ 1337/38
Vortragssprache: englisch