Steering Committee

The Steering committee of the "Ilmenau School of Green Electronics" (ISGE) consists of the following renowned TU Ilmenau scientists from four different departments:

Prof. Boris Koldehofe
Head of Distributed and Operating Systems
Department of Computer Science and Automation
+49 3677 69 4573


Prof. Kathy Lüdge
Head of Theoretical Physics II
Department of Mathematis and Natural Sciences
+49 3677-69-3612


Prof. Erich Runge
Head of Theoretical Physics I
Department of Mathematis and Natural Sciences
+49 3677 69-3707


Prof. Stefan Sinzinger
Vice President for Research and Young Scientists
Head of Optical Engneering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
+49 3677 69 2490


Prof. Martin Ziegler
Head of Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
+49 3677 69-3711

TU Ilmenau/AnLi, Ari, Foto Richter
Boris Koldehofe, Kathy Lüdge, Erich Runge, Stefan Sinzinger and Martin Ziegler (from left to right)