Ling Li, Albrecht Efficient Engeneering

CFD Application in Industrial Room Ventilation

First of all a shortly review of my PhD work at the Barrel of Ilmenau will be given, namely the velocity (LDA) and temperature fields (micro thermistor) measurements and the highlight of the results.

Secondly, how and where the fluid mechanics und thermodynamics will be applied in industrial room ventilation will be introduced. CFD is a very efficient method to help the architects and engineers to design the building and to optimize the indoor air flow, especially under the critical room conditions, for example clean room for pharmacy or optical measurements. We focus on how to simplify the real scene in the meanwhile to fulfill our simulation goals as well as how to precisely build up different ventilation systems such as different air diffusers. Different variations, best solution and short simulation time are very important working effects for the Simulation in the industry.