Reimbursement procedure of travel expenses

When does this hold?

  • holds for workshops, summer schools and annual meetings

  • project PI and one project participant receive reimbursement


How's the procedure?

  1. all travel expenses are processed by the home institution, including receipts & tickets

  2. administration of home institution sends the final invoice only to:
         Prof. Jörg Schumacher
         Institute of Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
         Department of Mechanical Engineering
         Technische Universität Ilmenau
         P.O. Box 100565
         D-98684 Ilmenau

  3. administration of TU Ilmenau transfers the costs back to home institution



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Transport, accommodation and orientation

Transportation to Ilmenau train
Reaching Erfurt with Deutsche Bahn and then travelling from Erfurt to Ilmenau with EB. Attention: some trains are divided in Plaue (one part goes to Meiningen, another to Ilmenau). Make sure that you are in the correct wagon and that you leave the train at „Ilmenau Bahnhof“. car
A71 with exits Ilmenau-Ost or Ilmenau-West. plane
Closest airports are Leipzig & Frankfurt. The new high-speed ICE track brings you within 40 minutes from Leipzig Hbf to Erfurt Hbf. Therefore, Leipzig might be an option in some cases.

Accommodation in Ilmenau

The following hotels have special conditions for visitors of TU Ilmenau. Please tell them during the booking/reservation process that you are visitor of TU Ilmenau to receive the discount.

  1. Mara Hotel (closest to station and campus)

  2. Hotel Tanne

  3. Hotel Zum Löwen

Campus of TU Ilmenau