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International Online School "Sustainable Agriculture" 2020

October 2020

If you study technical or agricultural science,  and are interested in modern technologies in agriculture, than you are cordially invited to our International Online School "Sustainable Agriculture".

During the School we offer the following courses:

  • Digital Agriculture
  • Mechatronics
  • Sustainable energy production and management in rural areas
  • Innovative Technologies in farming and post harvesting
  • Mechatronics application in biosystems
  • Applications of mechatronics in agroengineering
  • Energy efficiency in agricultural production
  • Ecological aspects of agro machinery
  • Automation equipment for food industry
  • Attendace agro machinery

You can enroll to any course, and you can choose as much of it as you want to.

As a result of your work, you will recieve a certificate with list of successfully completed courses and grades awarded.

Assessment is based on results of test after each course:

91-100% excellent
81-90% good
66- 80% satisfactory
50-65% sufficient.

Insufficient results would not be represented.

Grade is given on the best result for each test, number of attempts is not limited.

Participation is completely free.

If you are interested in participation, please fill out the registration form.

Before the start of the School, you will receive an e-mail with a username and password from the platform where educational materials and tests will be posted.

We are starting on Thursday, the 1st of October, at 9:00 (Central European Time, UTC+2:00)


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