Nachwuchsgruppenleiterin / Head of Research Group

J. Cao-Riehmer

Dr. rer. nat. Jialan Cao-Riehmer

Visiting address:
Prof. Schmidt Str. 26                                                                                                                            Heliosbau Room 1104
98693 Ilmenau

Mail address:
Postfach 10 05 65
98684 Ilmenau


+49 (0) 3677 69-3657

Forschung / Research focus

The Microfluid Biotechnique Research Group is focused on the development of microfluid devices, sensors and optimization of microfluid screening processes, cultivation and characterization of

  •     Soil Microorganisms,

  •     Photosynthesis-active microorganisms (cyanobacterium, algae) and

  •     Plant cell cultures (microspores, protoplasts)

J. Cao-Riehmer


M. Sc. Linda Ehrhardt (PhD Student)
J. Cao-Riehmer

Linda Ehrhardt

+49 3677 69-3672

Forschungsgebiet: Mikrofluidtechnik für die Untersuchung von Bodenmikroorganismengemeinschaften

Research area: microfluidic technology for the study of the soil microbial communities

M. Sc. Ting Xie (PhD student)
J. Cao-Riehmer

Ting Xie

+49 3677 69-3715

Forschungsgebiet: Entwicklung eines mikrofluidischen Systems für die Selektion und Anwendung bioelektrochemisch aktiver Bodenbakterien für die CO2-Fixierung

Research focus: Development of a microfluidic system for the selection and application of bioelectrochemically active microorganisms for CO2 fixation

M. Sc. Paulina Marczakiewicz-Perera (PhD Student)

Paulina Marczakiewicz-Perera

+49 3677 69-3689

Forschungsgebiet: Anwendung der Mikrofluidtechnik für die Pflanzenbiotechnologie

Research focus: Application of microfluid technology for plant cells: The goal of her research is to optimize a microfluid platform for cultivation of various plant cell cultures, such as protoplasts and somatic cells. Subsequently, she investigate effect of external factors (growth regulators, salts content, light etc.) on the early divisions at nearly single cell level.

Nadia Davina Prasetija (Master student)
J. Cao-Riehmer

Nadia Davina Prasetija

+49 3677 69-3715

Forschungsgebiet: Entwicklung eines Mikrofluid-Photobioreaktors für die Untersuchung photosynthese-aktiver Mikrorganismen und Pflanzenzellen

Research focus: development of a microfluid photobioreactor for the investigation of photosynthesis-active microorganisms like Cyanobacteria, green alge Chlorella vulgaris and plant cells.

Baean Nasr (Master student)

Baean Nasr

+49 3677 69-3715

Forschungsarbeit: Anwendung des hybriden Systemansatzes zur Isolierung und Charakterisierung von thermophilen Mikroorganismen

Our paper and artwork has been selected as cover for Journal Lab on a Chip

Induction of embryogenic development in haploid microspore stem cells in droplet-based microfluidics

In a recently published study, together with University Freiburg, TU Ilmenau and Company ScreenSys, we did studies of droplet-based microfluidics for application in plant cells. Here, we present our droplet-based tube system suitable for implementation in an automated, miniaturized system with a microchannel as the central transport and processing unit to achieve induction of embryogenic development in haploid stem cells.


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