The New Digital Markets Act (DMA)

An Economic and Legal Comment by Researchers from Ilmenau

Juliane Mendelsohn (Juniorprofessor for Law and Economics of Digitization) and Oliver Budzinski (Professor of Economic Theory) from Technische Universität Ilmenau published their chapter “DMA: Background, Objectives, and its Relationship to Competition Law” (pp. 5-22) in the new book “New Digital Markets Act: A Practitioner’s Guide” (edited by Jens Peter Schmidt and Fabian Hübener; Baden-Baden: Hart-Beck-Nomos). It introduces readers to the new law to control and regulate digital gatekeepers and explores its background, its special objectives (contestability and fairness) as well as its interrelation to the further existing and concurrently applicable competition law.


For further new papers on the competition policy towards digital ecosystems and tech giants as well as the Digital Market Act and related regulations see the Ilmenau Economics Discussion Papers.