Digital Teaching Day

Di. 29.03.2022
09:00 Uhr
Interested teachers
Chris Montgomery

The Digital Teaching Day will be organized online and in English at TU Ilmenau on Tuesday, 29th March 2022. It provides a space for the higher education community to exchange experiences on digital teaching, share knowledge, present innovative approaches, and expand networks.

TU Ilmenau’s participation in the DAAD’s call for international digital programs (VEDIAS project, funded by the BMBF) has particularly influenced the event’s format. The VEDIAS project pursues the preparation and testing of digital, internationally oriented master degree programs supported by a social virtual reality (VR) application at TU Ilmenau. While digital teaching is not new and has been successfully practiced before in the context of globalization, digital teaching became an even greater necessity in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, it has been gaining importance in many higher education settings.

The event aims to compare on-campus and digital teaching experiences: How are digital teaching challenges dealt with across different higher education settings? What can we learn from one another to improve digital teaching in the future?

The Digital Teaching Day on 29th March 2022 seeks to address these and similar questions in an interactive format. We look forward to higher education professionals involved in digital teaching in Germany and abroad sharing their insights, creative ideas, and knowledge application via short inputs, experience reports, mini workshops or discussion sessions. As part of the enclosed preliminary agenda, we have already provided some topics that we would be interested to discuss. However, we also invite further suggestions for topics related to digital teaching in higher education.


To present at the event:

Email your ideas for contributions at the latest by 28 February 2022 to johanna.gill@tu-ilmenau.de


To register for the event:

Email to johanna.gill@tu-ilmenau.de at the latest by 18 March 2022. Please include your contact details. (The meeting link will be provided upon registration)


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