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Michael Reichel

Forschungsgruppenleiter Bioorganische Chemie bioaktiver Oberflächen

PD Dr. Sukhdeep Singh
Tel:  +49 3677 69 - 3685
Fax: +49 3677 69 - 3379

Raum 2111

The research group "Bioorganic Chemistry of Bioactive Surfaces" aims to develop novel materials, surfaces, sensors and chemical systems for application in biotechnology and environment protection. I believe organic chemistry, can make a significant contribution to above mentioned fields as it provides appropriate tools to make and break atomic interaction at sub-nanometer level, which could influence the overall characteristic of the material.

My special interest are:

  • Developing chemistry of stimuli responsive material, those can change their confirmation upon explore to external stimulus.
  • Chemical methods for developing chemosensor, pharmaceutically and biotechnology relevant organic molecules
  • Post processing methods of polymers to reduce environmental waste.

For details, please see the research section.  

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