Bioorganic Chemistry


This subject is designed for the master students of biotechnical chemistry. Majority of the content focuses on developing an understanding at the interface of the organic chemistry and biotechnology. Therefore, techniques for bioconjugation are given significant weightage. Additionally, conceptual chemical understanding to various techniques need in DNA technology are introduced to students.



A selected section of biochemistry for the bachelor students of biotechnical chemistry is designed. In this section students are introduced to the biochemical bases of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. Their chemical structure, role in biology, metabolism and application in biotech industry are discussed.

Organic Chemistry Lab:

The lab is designed to give practical experience in organic synthesis to the students of bachelor of biotechnical chemistry

Michael Reichel
Michael Reichel

Topics for Bachelor thesis:

  • Developing bioorganic chemosensor for selective detection of Lysine Proline and adrenaline
  • Metabolic analysis of drug candidates from a 3D cell culture medium.
  • Photoswitching behaviour of Donor acceptor stenhouse adducts carrying bulky motifs.
  • Carbonyl extraction from polycarbonate: from waste to value