AI-based image recognition - use in the corporate context

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Tu. 08.03.2022
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The event is aimed at SMEs interested in the use of AI-based image recognition. A short introduction to the topic will be given and based on this, methods for the recognition of components and assemblies will be presented within two hands-on live demonstrations. In addition, an application example will be presented that shows how the combination of deep learning methods and robotics can be used for inline inspection of injection molded parts. The event will provide impetus for the wide range of possible applications of the methods presented and show how possible hurdles to implementation can be overcome.

Event Objective:

  • To provide a basic understanding of AI-based image recognition.
  • Practical presentation of application examples for SMEs, especially in the field of AI-based recognition of components and assemblies and inline inspection of injection-molded parts
  • Pointing out challenges and limitations


  • Brief explanation of fundamentals of AI-based image recognition.
  • Demonstration of a component recognition demonstrator for accelerating manual sorting processes
  • Demonstration of a demonstrator for image classification of assemblies for error minimization in picking processes
  • Presentation of an application example in the field of robotics and deep learning in the field of inline inspection of injection molded parts
  • Exchange and discussion

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All registered participants* will receive the dial-in data as well as supplementary technical information one day before the event. No specific technical equipment is required for participation.