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Friday, December 01, 2023, 3:00 p.m, Faraday-lecture hallProf. Dr. Stefan Matuschek FSU Jena

"The Poetic Heaven" - A History of Romanticism

With the Enlightenment and intellectual maturity in the face of traditional doctrines came nostalgia: sadness over the loss of wholeness in thought and life. Romanticism remedied this without going backwards: It created a new heaven that needed no metaphysical validation. This was achieved through a new style: it makes transcendence conscious as a product of the imagination without devaluing it. In other words, Romanticism is the enlightened insight into the vitality of the imagination - and therefore the best remedy against any ideological fundamentalism. After the Enlightenment, it thus became the second decisive impulse of European modernism.

Stefan Matuschek has been Professor of Modern German Literature at Friedrich Schiller University Jena since 1996, speaker of the DFG Research Training Group "Model Romanticism" since 2018 and honorary president of the Goethe-Gesellschaft in Weimar e.V. association since 2019. The title of the lecture is also the title of a book that Prof. Matuschek published in 2021 with C.H. Beck in Munich.

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"Will drones fall on our heads in the future?", "Artificial intelligence - public perception and risk communication" or "The digitalization wave in medical care: Claim and Reality": The range of content covered by the TU Ilmenau Citizens' Campus is diverse and includes socio-political and cultural-political topics, natural sciences and humanities, technical, economic, medical, historical and cultural topics.

In the review of previous semesters you will find an overview of the events and topics of the past years.

Review of previous semesters

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