ALLIANZ Science Camps for Students in Engineering Sciences


The Science Camp of the THÜRING Alliance regularly offers interested students in engineering degree programmes the opportunity to pursue their professional interests and inclinations in interdisciplinary teams on a superordinate topic by means of project work, lectures and exercises as well as presentations from industry. Participants can meet like-minded people and, in addition to specialist knowledge, further develop and expand their own soft skills.

What requirements should you fulfil?

You should be a student on an engineering Bachelor-, Diplom- or Master's degree programme at a Thuringian university.

What else does the Science Camp offer?

The Science Camp offers the opportunity to meet like-minded people and to network across several university locations. The Science Camp concludes with a certificate that can be recognised as part of your own examination and study regulations.

Bachelor Science Camp 2024 GREEN2SMART

The 5th Science Camp entitled: Green2Smart - AI-supported solutions for sustainable indoor greening, organised by the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the Bauhaus University Weimar from 11 March to 20 March 2024, is aimed at all interested Bachelor students in STEM and thematically related courses of study at the seven partner universities of the Thuringian Engineering Alliance.

Period: 11.3.2024 to 20.3.2024 (The registration deadline is 29.02.2024)

Topic: Green2Smart - AI-supported (smart) solutions for sustainable indoor greening   

As part of the science camp, seven teams will design and construct seven mobile walls for indoor greening and equip them with selected plants. The walls will be equipped with a self-sufficient plant supply system (nutrients, water, lighting, ventilation) and corresponding sensor technology to monitor and optimise care. This enables (comparative) measurements to be taken on the walls in order to determine the basic requirements of the plants and provide them with the best possible care, as well as to determine the energy, water and electricity consumption of the individual walls. Measurements in the room (without greenery and with greenery) enable a statement to be made about changes in sound (room sound, useful sound, background noise), the room climate and the air quality after a time t.

The psychological effects on people in terms of well-being and productivity can also be the subject of research.

At the end of the event, the seven mobile walls will be distributed to the participating universities for further maintenance. The measurements will be continued at the new location and analysed comparatively. The data collected offers potential and research approaches for follow-up projects and theses.

Venue: Erfurt University of Applied Sciences

Registration till 29 February:

Please register by sending an informal e-mail to protelc[at] and include the following information:

  •     Surname, first name
  •     Name of your Bachelor's degree programme (MINT or thematically related)
  •     Short motivation text, why you would like to participate in the Science Camp

Contact: Janine Liebal; 0361 - 6700 5605

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Coming soon

27 to 31 May 2024 Science Camp for prospective students in cooperation with MINT-EC e.V. on the topic of "Modern technologies vs. species protection"

23 September to 2 October 2024 Master Science Camp at TU Ilmenau on the topic of "Modern technologies vs. species protection" - more information to follow!