Alumni Faces - Alumni of the Ilmenau University of Technology tell their stories "...and then what do you do when you graduate?" This question is asked by every:r student more than once before and even during his/her studies. Often we don't know the answer ourselves. That's why we asked our alumni! Because we want to know: "What are our alumni doing today?"

"...and then what do you do with your degree?"

Every student asks themselves this question more than once before and even during their studies. And to provide an initial answer, students at TU Ilmenau interviewed our alumni - at work, at home in their living room, at their alma mater or out in nature. In the process, they uncovered exciting stories from our alumni's studies, learned about the various ways to start a career and received one or two tips for successful studies.

Many thanks to all alumnae and alumni as well as the student teams for the exciting discussions and insights!

What our alumni tell us