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Teaching abroad

There are many opportunities to teach at a foreign university, to supervise doctorates together with international colleagues and to network. You can take advantage of these opportunities as a junior researcher, active university lecturer or emeriti and have the stays funded. Both the European Union and the DAAD offer various programmes that you can take advantage of on a one-off or regular basis.

Project and congress funding

Whether research abroad, the establishment of international collaborations, participation in congresses and lecture tours worldwide or the active exchange with scientific colleagues at home and abroad as well as the organization of international events at TU Ilmenau - the portfolio to cooperate internationally is very diverse. The EU, the DAAD, the BMBF, the DFG, foundations and TU Ilmenau offer many funding programmes that cover your project.

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Further education abroad

Getting to know new teaching styles, compact courses on academic writing and work, project management and leadership tasks - these courses can be funded in other European countries or at partner institutions worldwide through the EU Erasmus+ programme. This also applies to language courses and so-called Staff Training Weeks, where participants from European countries or partner countries come together for a seminar on a specific topic for one week. The following overview (on the intranet) is always updated.

International travel and guest stays

The budget of the TU Ilmenau provides funds for international exchange. The amount of these funds is determined annually and is available for international travel as well as for guest stays of international guests and is subject to certain allocation criteria. You can find more information here under this link.

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Double doctorate - doing a doctorate in 2 countries

The so-called Cotutelle de thèse is a doctorate which is carried out and completed at two universities at the same time. With a normal doctorate duration, an international project and longer research stays abroad can be carried out. You choose which of our partner universities abroad is the right one for you. There are fixed partnership agreements for double doctorates with some universities. More information