++ Unfortunately, this partnership is suspended until further notice due to Russia's attack on Ukraine. Double degrees are not awarded at the moment. Common lectures will not take place. ++

German-Russian university cooperation in a new dimension

The German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies GRIAT is a cooperation between the Kazan National Technical Research University (KNRTU-KAI) and a German consortium consisting of TU Ilmenau, OVGU Magdeburg and TU Kaiserslautern. The project aims to establish engineering degree programmes according to German standards at KNRTU-KAI. To this end, the consortium partners are exporting English-language Master's degree programmes to Kazan.

  • Lecturers from the German universities fly to Kazan once per semester and course of study to teach block seminars (flying faculty).

  • The students complete the third semester in Germany; in the fourth semester they write their Master's theses.

  • At the end of the four-semester course, students receive a double degree, i.e. a Russian and a German Master's certificate, which together constitute a degree.

The university, named after the Russian aircraft designer A.N. Tupolev, is one of the most renowned research universities in Russia.Kazan is the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan.


Funding and cooperation partners


Project Manager

Sophia Siegfried

D-98693 Ilmenau Max-Planck-Ring 14 House G, Room 1130

+49 3677 69-2510


Project Coordinator

Dr. Heiner Dintera

D-98693 Ilmenau Max-Planck-Ring 14 House G, Room 1220

+49 3677 69-1780


Subject Coordinator

Dr. Bilal Zafar

D-98693 Ilmenau Helmholtzplatz 2 Helmholtz Building, H 3502

+49 3677 69-1156



Natalia Sultanova

D-98693 Ilmenau Max-Planck-Ring 14

+49 3677 69-1780