Since January 1, 2018, the regulations of the Maternity Protection Act MuSchG also apply to pregnant students. To ensure that the maternity protection regulations can be observed on the part of TU Ilmenau, pregnant students should inform the Academic Services Center (ASC) about their pregnancy. This is done voluntarily. However, it is recommended, because only then the protection rights of the MuSchG take effect.

Studying can pose risks to the health of the expectant mother and to her unborn child; e.g. during exercises and internships or during the practical semester. For students who wish to continue their studies during pregnancy, after childbirth and/or while breastfeeding, the university must therefore prepare a risk assessment.

Advice and contact

In the ASC, you will be offered counseling sessions regarding the preparation of the risk assessment, the possibility of leave of absence, and answers to all questions regarding pregnancy and maternity protection during your studies. If necessary, the counseling sessions are also possible via Webex, e.g. if you are not in Ilmenau.

Pregnant students are exempt from taking part in studies and examinations during the maternity protection period (usually six weeks before and eight weeks after the birth). However, at the express request of the student and with a written application, it is still possible to complete study and examination work during the maternity protection period.

Please contact the ASC for advice on this.

Protection scope


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