Training at the TU Ilmenau

The TU Ilmenau is not only a place of education for students. As one of the largest employers in the region , it also offers diverse and exciting vocational training in the industrial, technical and administrative fields.

On our job portal you will find our current job advertisements for the coming training year.

There is also the possibility of doing an internship at the TU Ilmenau. Just apply to Whan applying, please also provide us with information on the desired period and field of work for the internship or your career aspirations, a complete cover letter and your curriculum vitae.

Our Training Professions

Michael Reichel

Management Assistant for Office Management

The core competencies of office management assistants lie in organizing, coordinating, implementing and reflecting on office management as well as project- and order-related processes. They cooperate and communicate with internal and external partners, research, prepare and present data and information and prepare written documents. In addition, they design and document customer relationships, process procurement transactions and support personnel-related tasks. In doing so, they use accounting systems as well as accounting instruments and take legal requirements into account.

At the TU Ilmenau, trainees also receive an in-depth qualification in the areas of assistance and secretarial services or public financial management.

"I am offered a whole range of opportunities here": Lisette on her training as an office management assistant (to the video at Vimeo)

IT Specialist System Integration

In the field of system integration, IT specialists plan and implement simple and also complex systems of information and telecommunications technology, consisting of hardware and software. The structure and configuration of these systems are documented, any problems that arise are systematically investigated and faults are rectified. The presentation of system solutions as well as the instruction of users are part of the tasks of the IT specialist in the field of system integration.

"At a technical university, you can expect a relatively high level of training": Tony about his training as an IT specialist for system integration (to the video at Vimeo)

Ingo Herzog

Specialist in Media and Information Services, Specializing in Libraries

Media and Information Services Assistants procure books, magazines and other media, record them on the computer, systematize them and maintain the existing library stocks. They take on the work associated with lending, e.g. issue user cards, advise users and procure media and information for them. In addition, they process reminders, perform administrative tasks and participate in the preparation and implementation of exhibitions and events.

"You notice right away how informal the atmosphere is here": Kathleen about her training as Specialist in Media and Information Services (watch the video on Vimeo).

Industrial Mechanic

Industrial Mechanics in Precision Equipment Manufacturing are "all-rounders" who must be familiar with mechanics and manual machining, i.e. turning, milling and drilling, as well as pneumatics and CNC programming. This requires manual dexterity and an interest in new tasks. Basically, very precise work is expected, both manually and on the machines. A wide variety of tasks await industrial mechanics in precision engineering: They work in prototype construction or in mechanical development departments and in the production of operating equipment or in assembly. In maintenance, they select suitable test procedures and test equipment, determine the causes of malfunctions and take remedial action.

"The supervision is very, very intensive": Max on his training as an Industrial Mechanic at TU Ilmenau (watch the video on Vimeo).

Michael Reichel

Our Trainees 2020

Six new trainees were welcomed at the start of the new training year on 1 September, 2020, by the Head of Personnel Management and Training, Anja Wächter (left), the Head of Human Resources and Law, Stefan Roth (4th from left), and the University's Chancellor, Dennys Klein (7th from left).