Your application to the TU Ilmenau with a German certificate - requirements, deadlines and processes


Bachelor study

  • Winter semester: 16.04. to 15.09.
  • Summer semester: No application for the summer semester.

Master's degree

  • Winter semester: 16.04. to 15.09.
  • Summer semester: 16.10. to 15.03.

Reference:No application for the summer semester for the following Master programs:

  • Biotechnical Chemistry
  • Communication and Signal Processing
  • International Business Economics
  • Micro- and Nanotechnologies
  • Media and Communication Science
  • Mathematics and Business Mathematics
  • Technical Physics


How does the application process work?

Enrollment at the University is a prerequisite for admission to a degree program (specialized or pre-degree).
Enrollment at the university takes place

  • by enrollment as a student in a course of study (specialized studies) or
  • by enrollment as a collegiate student in the Academic Preparation Course (Preliminary Studies).

A change of program at the same university does not affect enrollment at that university. Only a transfer to the new degree program will occur. Re-registration for the following semester refers to enrollment at the university and not to a specific degree program.


The Enrolment regulations of the TU Ilmenau regulate the procedure of admission to studies as well as to other courses offered by the university, enrollment, re-registration, change of course and part-time studies of students as well as the procedure of admission as a secondary auditor and guest auditor at the Ilmenau University of Technology.


The enrolment is only legally valid after receipt of the semester fee!

Further information about the application process can be found in the application portal.


Proof of one of the following qualifications enables applicants with German certificates to gain access to the Bachelor's program:

  • General higher education entrance qualification
  • Subject-related higher education entrance qualification (university) in the subjects of technology or economics
  • Successfully passed master craftsman's examination
  • State-certified technician or state-certified business economist
  • Qualified professionals without Abitur under certain conditions (Regulations on University Admission for Vocationally Qualified Persons (German only))

Degree programmes with open admissions

All bachelor's degree programs at the TU are open-admission programs. If you have one of the above-mentioned degrees, you can start studying with us. As soon as you fill out our online application form during the application period from 16.5. - 15.9., print it out and send it with the other documents to the TU's Student Secretariat and transfer the semester fee, you can start your studies in the winter semester.

Application documents - What do they include?

You can find out which documents are required during the application process here:


When applying for a degree program, the university requires the submission of a recognized language certificate as proof of knowledge of the teaching language of the degree program. German or English are the teaching languages offered at TU Ilmenau. Information on language certificates can be found here.


Proof of one of the following qualifications enables applicants with German certificates to gain access to the Master's program:

  • Successfully completed first university degree (e.g. diploma or bachelor's degree)
  • Successful completion of a state or state-recognized vocational academy

As a rule, admission is based on a formal review of your application documents ("aptitude test") and, if applicable, an oral interview.

The admission requirements for your chosen degree programme, as well as the application deadlines, can be found in the study and examination regulations for the respective Master's degree programme.