Are you a postdoc?

Is the answer not easy for you? We understand it like this: if you are aiming for an academic career, the postdoc phase comes after the doctorate. During this time, you hone your academic profile, build up networks and acquire the necessary academic qualifications for a habilitation or a position as a junior professor.

The portfolio of tasks brings with it a number of challenges. We are here to support you.

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Postdocs at the TU Ilmenau

As a postdoc at TU Ilmenau, you are first and foremost a researcher and are dedicated to conducting scientific studies and research projects. You now have more rights and opportunities to pursue your own research ideas, independently acquire and carry out projects, establish collaborations and participate in the supervision of doctoral students. They publish their research results in scientific journals in order to make their work accessible to the scientific community and advance their academic career. In some cases, postdocs can also take on teaching roles at universities to develop their pedagogical skills and gain experience in university teaching. This is particularly useful if you have already decided that you want to pursue a career in academia.

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The Vice-Presidency for Research and Young Scientists and the Graduate Center are committed to improving the framework conditions for postdoctoral researchers. Our aim is to improve the situation of postdocs step by step by offering support. That is why we are always ready to listen to your concerns.

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