The Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

  • represents research and teaching in the classical scientific disciplines of chemistry, mathematics and physics.
  • offers courses of study in each of these fields.
  • is responsible for the basic teaching in these subjects for all degree courses at TU Ilmenau.
  • consists of three institutes with their fields of expertise. Among them are a Heisenberg professorship and an endowed professorship of the Carl Zeiss Foundation.


The Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences is home to three consecutive degree programmes (B. Sc. and M. Sc.) as well as one further Bachelor's degree programme and one Master's degree programme.


The department conducts research in the fields of chemistry, mathematics and physics.

  • The Institute of Chemistry and Bioengineering conducts research at the interface between chemistry, biology and technology. The aim of the research is to develop environmentally friendly methods for the synthesis, characterization and effect of drugs, active substances and environmental toxins on cells and tissues. Research topics range from classical organic synthesis, nanoparticles, analytics and bionanotechnology to biotechnological methods and stem cell and cancer research.

  • Research at the Institute of Mathematics covers the entire spectrum of mathematics: analytical problems such as systems theory, control and regulation, mathematical foundations of quantum engineering, optimization, stochastics and statistics, as well as discrete problems such as graph theory or combinatorics.

  • The research of the Institute of Physics focuses on the physics of condensed matter and its interaction with light and other electromagnetic fields. The questions range from fundamental physics at the temperature of liquid helium, surface analysis and NMR to solar water splitting and nanostructured battery electrodes.

Michael Reichel