Courses offered

All courses (lectures, tutorials, seminars and internships) specified in the curricula of the degree programs are generally offered in the semesters specified there (SoSe or WiSe) and with the number of hours (SWS - semester hours per week) specified there.

Open Timetable

The course schedule is published with the web browser based software Open Timetable.

Open Timetable allows you to display courses semester by semester according to seminar group of a course, semester, module or even lecturer and to find out associated data such as day of the week, time, building and room.

During the introductory week you will receive an introduction to the use of Open Timetable.


Courses by arrangement

Unscheduled courses, so-called courses by arrangement, are announced in a PDF document each semester.

Please arrange a course date yourself with the lecturer.

Interactive Curricula

Each event in Open Timetable contains a link to the respective module description in the Interactive Curricula.

The module description shows, among other things, previous knowledge, contents of the course, competences to be acquired, literature references and also the person responsible for the module. If you have any questions about a module, please contact this module supervisor.


Individual Schedule

In addition to Open Timetable, the web browser based software Timetable offers you the opportunity of compiling an individual study plan after logging in with your Uni-Account.

You can subscribe to this schedule in a personal electronic calendar.


Learning Spaces on Campus

Students may use rooms of the university's room pool as learning spaces between their scheduled activities by certain constraints.