Voluntary Year in Science, Technology and Sustainability (FJN)

Dozent mit Studierenden in einem Seminar an der TU IlmenauTU Ilmenau / Michael Reichel

Are you interested in technology and electrical engineering? Are you enthusiastic about physics experiments? You work a lot with and on your computer? New technologies, creativity and the joy of practical tasks characterize your personality?

In the Voluntary Year in Science, Technology and Sustainability (FJN), a new variant of voluntary service in Germany, high school graduates gain experience in research before they start their studies. Practice instead of theory, working together with researchers, having access to places that one would otherwise never be able to enter. At the same time, the entry into university studies takes place via individually compiled lectures and seminars, which can already be credited at the beginning of studies.

A voluntary year at the university: Out of school, into science

A voluntary year at the TU Ilmenau makes it possible: interested high school graduates can use an entire year to work on research projects in the departments of the TU Ilmenau and attend university events such as seminars and lectures in parallel.


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