Our transfer strategy

The transfer strategy of the TU Ilmenau was developed within the framework of a broad discussion process. Part of this process was a transfer audit by the Stifterverband in 2019.

Transfer is understood as a continuous, dialogue-oriented process through which TU Ilmenau makes its contribution to a knowledge society by making its scientific findings available to a (specialist) public, taking up impulses for its own research, participating in clarification and dissemination of knowledge on relevant social issues and, in the sense of technology transfer, supplying scientific results for technical or economic-commercial utilisation.

The overarching goal of the TU Ilmenau is to profile itself as a transfer-strong technical university in the regional, national and international context, even beyond the classic technology transfer, and to anchor transfer in the aforementioned sense permanently at the university.

The present transfer strategy is based on the mission statement of the TU Ilmenau and takes up important aspects from the research strategy. The transfer activities of the TU Ilmenau are subordinated to six main goals, which are supported by concrete action plans within the framework of the fields of action.


The goals

The fields of action