TU Ilmenau

Welcome to Ilmenau!

We are glad that you have decided to study at the TU Ilmenau!

On this page we provide you with important information for the preparation of your start of studies, your arrival in Ilmenau and the necessary administrative steps in the first weeks. We have summarized 5 basic topics for which you can find more detailed information than in the overview on this page by clicking on the headline.

If you have any questions or if something is unclear to you, we recommend our onboarding seminars. If you can't or don't want to participate, you can of course contact us directly.

We wish you a great start at TU Ilmenau!

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Who? How? What? - Basic questions

How does the winter semester work, what are the important dates, what does my admission mean and how do I enrol? You can find the answers in the tabs below.


Before you set off to Ilmenau, you can already make some preparations from home. Below you will find some points including the explanations.

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Arrival and first steps

How do you get to Ilmenau and what do you do when you get here? You can find all the information below.

Start of studies

After your arrival, it will soon be time for the lectures to start. For this you should be familiar with some processes and systems, which we explain here.

TU Ilmenau
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Special features due to the pandemic

Unfortunately, the virus still has a firm grip on many matters and that's why there are some peculiarities. You can find everything important as well as information about vaccinations on our Corona info page.

Help & Contact

At the TU Ilmenau there are various contact persons available to answer your questions. You can find out who you should contact with which question below.