Administrative Guide

The Administrative Guide

  • is a Quick link and FAQ based reference manual for study-related administrative procedures at the TU Ilmenau.

Please use the Quick Links below to find descriptions of administrative procedures.

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Service Platform ASC

TU Ilmenau/ari

The Service Platform

  • is provided by the University as a central contact point in the canteen for students, collegiats and employees,
  • offers university-internal and external service providers the ability to offer study-related services.

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Devision Academic Service Center

The Devision

  • designs and implements the application and admission process for prospective students on behalf of the departments,
  • supervises students or collegiates within the student administration from registration at the university by enrolment in a degree program (degree studies) or by enrolment in the Academic Preparation Course (pre-degree studies) until de-registration,
  • plans, together with the examination offices in the room pool, all teaching and examination activities to be offered in accordance with the examination and study regulations of the individual degree programs and publishes the results of the planning in the university course catalog.
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