About Us

As a system-accredited university, the TU Ilmenau itself ensures quality assurance and quality development, compliance with content and structural standards as well as correspondence with the qualification goals for all study programs on a permanent basis. The staff unit supports and coordinates the measures for quality assurance and quality development in the core process of studying and teaching. It supports the Presidential Board, the departments and all other structural units of the University in administrative and operational tasks within the framework of quality assurance and development. In addition, the staff unit Quality Management advises the Presidential Board on the strategic development of quality assurance measures and the quality management system as a whole.



Britta Sattler

Visitng and postal address:
Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum (EAZ) 98693 Ilmenau


+49 3677 69-5013

Fields of Activity

  • Advice, support and coordination of quality assurance procedures for study programs and study offers of the TU Ilmenau (internal accreditation)
  • Advice, support and coordination of regular evaluations of modules and study programs
  • Documentation of procedures and results of quality assurance procedures for internal and external stakeholders
  • Preparation and dissemination of relevant information on the quality of study programs and study offers (e.g. study program analyses, module examinations, key figures for the deparment report)
  • Support in the further development of the entire quality management system