Quality in teaching and learning results from the joint efforts of teachers and learners, staff and students at the TU Ilmenau to create content, processes and structures that best achieve the quality goals in teaching and learning. This means above all

  • up-to-date, innovative study programs with university standards,

  • reliable, effective and efficient processes in teaching and learning,

  • a supportive and encouraging institutional framework,

  • mutually purposeful and constructive action/interaction between teachers and students.

Quality Management System of the TU Ilmenau

The University is committed to the continuous development of the quality of its offerings in the area of study and teaching. The quality management system provides the necessary processes, structures and instruments to achieve a permanently high quality in studying and teaching. It is based on the University's quality objectives and takes into account the applicable standards and specifications, in particular those of the Thuringian Regulation for the Implementation of the Study Accreditation Agreement (Thüringer Studienakkreditierungsverordnung - ThürStAkkrVO) and also the respective subject and quality culture in the departments and structural units.

System accreditation

The TU Ilmenau has been system-accredited since 2012. In the system accreditation, not a single study program, but the entire internal quality assurance system of a university in the area of teaching and studies is the subject of accreditation. It is examined whether the higher education institution itself is able to guarantee the quality of its study programs in accordance with applicable national and international standards and specifications.

The higher education institution must regularly, systematically and reliably ensure that all study programs meet the requirements of the Accreditation Council. For this purpose, the quality management system must review the study programs and the service areas relevant to teaching and learning to determine whether they are suitable for achieving the qualification goals and ensuring the high quality of the respective educational program.

On 10 July 2020, the TU Ilmenau was again awarded the seal of approval of the foundation "System Accredited". The current system accreditation is valid until 30 September 2026.