Obligation to preserve freedom in teaching and research

Science thrives on the freedom of teaching and research. The content of teaching and the results of research must not be influenced in a tendentious way from the outside and inside for the benefit of individuals, but should serve the community of all people for the good. Scientists at the TU Ilmenau must therefore commit themselves to the principles of good scientific practice in accordance with the mission statement and implement these in their daily work. The preservation of this freedom in teaching and research can only succeed through the greatest possible transparency of activities at a university.

Prerequisites for preserving transparency in science are:

  • meeting standards of good scientific practice
  • guarantee ethical conduct in research
  • carry out a thorough research impact assessment
  • ensure transparency in the acquisition of third-party funding
  • guarantee the public availability of research results

Research and teaching at the TU Ilmenau are embedded in the research landscape in Thuringia "through close coordination and cooperation of different actors" from society, politics, industry and science. In this way, the application relevance of research and teaching is ensured, with the aim of strengthening the innovation and competitiveness of the actors involved.

Together with the other Thuringian universities, the TU Ilmenau has agreed on the "Guidelines for Transparency in Research and Science". More information can be found on the website of the Thuringian State Presidents' Conference.

From these guidelines, the TLPK publishes an annual list of all funded projects at Thuringian universities, to be published by 30.06:

Database of externally funded research projects at Thuringian universities since 2016.