AI developer roundtable: AnoPCB - intelligent anomaly detection for design tools in printed circuit board design of electronic circuits

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Tu. 11.01.2022
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Target group
Developers of AI solutions and interested parties

Speaker: Julian Kuners (TU Ilmenau / IMMS GmbH)

Designing printed circuit boards for electronic circuits (PCB designs) requires experience and knowledge of bad design patterns (design patterns) to avoid destructive signal constellations, e.g. sensitive signals next to aggressive signals. These signal interactions can hardly be formally checked and typically require review procedures and long development iterations, i.e. high manual effort. AnoPCB is a plug-in for the PCB design tool KiCAD that can use artificial intelligence to find such anomalies. The solution presented in the article was developed within the framework of the research group IntelligEnt (https://www.imms.de/wirtschaft/projekte/intelligent-3748.html).


The access data for the online meeting will be sent to you via mail shortly before the event.


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