AI in the Spotlight: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Banking

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Fr. 26.11.2021
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Small and medium-sized enterprises and developers of AI solutions

On November 26, 2021, at 12:00 p.m., the next online event will be held at the conference center jointly sponsored by theThuringian Center for Learning Systems and Robotics (TZLR) and the Medium-Sized Digital Center Ilmenau supported event series "AI in the Spotlight" will take place. "AI in the Spotlight" serves as an exchange between small and medium-sized enterprises and developers of AI solutions. In 30 minutes, AI use cases are presented by companies and experiences, problems and solutions are discussed.

This time Tim Strohschneider and Torsten Kluin from the adesso SE from Jena will present different use cases of Artificial Intelligence in banking and in a joint discussion they will discuss exciting further applications.

Get ideas for the use of AI in your company at this event and discuss your questions and problems with the speakers and our AI trainers.



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