Citizen's Campus: "Can Addiction Be Sin?"

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Fr. 10.11.2023
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Humans can become addicted to many substances. From a medical point of view, addictive diseases are chronic afflictions that affect all areas of the affected person's life. The decision to enter inpatient withdrawal treatment is often difficult for addicted individuals, but it is often a first step out of addiction.

In his lecture as part of the TU Ilmenau Citizens' Campus, Chief Physician Dr. Joachim Pausch, Medical Director of the Ilm-Kreis-Kliniken Arnstadt-Ilmenau, deals with the causes of addiction. Dr. Pausch also answers the question, which criteria must be given at all that one can speak of an addiction illness. Using alcohol and illegal drugs as examples, he describes the effects of intoxicants and the treatment options available for drug addiction.

As a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy and a specialist in neurology, Dr. Joachim Pausch has been active in the field of addiction medicine for many years. The Clinic for Addiction Medicine at the Ilm-Kreis-Kliniken Arnstadt-Ilmenau, where he is head physician, offers a comprehensive therapy program for withdrawal treatment in cases of addiction to alcohol, medications and illegal drugs, and also for polytoxicomania, i.e. simultaneous dependence on different substances.


Speaker: CA Dr. Joachim Pausch,Ilm County Clinics Arnstadt-Ilmenau gGmbH