Welding generally appears to be an old process, but it is used in almost all products and construction methods. The development of the laser beam as a tool for welding has increased rapidly over the last 20-30 years and laser beam welding is now an integral part of industrial production. High process speeds and a high degree of automation can be implemented and achieved. However, laser beam welding still holds a great deal of potential and challenges that require suitable analysis methods.

The key question is what happens in the weld pool and in this small channel in the material. From the outside, we only see spatter or a glow! These phenomena influence the welding result and currently limit the maximum welding speeds. What can be done about this and how can changes in the very short periods of time (ms and shorter) be perceived at all?

The lecture will give a basic general overview and will be underpinned by images from high-speed kinematography, also in the synchrotron.

Speaker Prof. Dr. Jean Pierre Bergmann is Head of the Production Technology Group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the TU Ilmenau.


Admission: 5€