Citizens' Campus: TheraTin - Theranostics of Tinnitus via Headphones

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Fr. 07.10.2022
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Prof. Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg Brandenburg - Labs GmbH Ilmenau

TheraTin - Theranostics of Tinnitus via Headphones


In Europe alone, about 46 million people suffer from tinnitus. Those affected perceive sounds to which no real sound source can be assigned. Many perceive this as a restriction of the quality of life. Conventional treatments, such as hearing and behavioral therapies, are controversial and their effectiveness is often not scientifically proven. The research project TheraTin by Brandenburg Labs and TU Ilmenau promises several advantages - for the therapist and the affected person. The previously subjective identification of causes will be more objectified. The measurement of the electrical activity of the brain with the help of EEG sensors in the headphones and the automatic analysis of the brain signals supports an objective assessment of the tinnitus by the therapist. For the person affected, hearing with the headphones, which work on the basis of the so-called plausible spatial sound synthesis that has been significantly developed in Ilmenau, is a great relief. Through the immersive listening experience, he no longer perceives the virtual sound sources in his head, but in the room. Since those affected can use the headphones at home or in other places, they are also location-independent.