+++Canceled+++ Experts Meet Up - science meets business: sustainability as a marketing strategy

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Th. 12.05.2022
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+++ The event is postponed due to illness +++


As part of the event series "Experts Meet Up - Science Meets Business", a joint event of the TU Ilmenau, Elmug eG and Polymermat e.V. will take place on May 12, 2022 at the Technologie- und Gründerzentrum Ilmenau on the topic of "Sustainability as a Marketing Strategy: Sustainability and communication between business, science and society" will take place. Starting at 3 p.m., Prof. Jens Wollig, Head of the Group of Empirical Media Research and Political Communication, Department of Economics and Media, and Ms. Grit Booth, Sustainability Agreement Thuringia, will be available to interested parties with impulses and for a subsequent discussion. Sustainable business is already on the agenda of many companies. The demands from business relations, society and politics are developing dynamically and becoming more and more complex. Be it, for example, in supply chains, in production, in services or in upstream and downstream areas, the market will demand a more sustainable orientation of every company. The networks PolymerMat e. V. Kunststoffcluster Thüringen and ELMUG eG as well as the TU Ilmenau are holding a total of four joint events this year, which are intended as a non-public network meeting and discussion forum to enable an exchange on current issues in business, science and society. The events have a limited number of participants with about 20 people. "The experience of the first event has shown that discussing the selected key topics in a trusting setting provides impetus for entrepreneurs and scientists," says Prof. Jens Müller, Vice President for International Affairs and Transfer at TU Ilmenau, on the motivation of the organizers.

Program of the event:

15:00 Welcome & round of introductions

15:20 Short impulses by Ms. Grit Booth, Sustainability Agreement Thuringia and by Prof. Jens Wollig, Head of Empirical Media Research and Political Communication, Department of Economics and Media

15:35 1st round of discussion

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 2nd round of discussion

17:30 Conclusion & networking


To register: https://conferences.tu-ilmenau.de/frontend/index.php?sub=362