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Sa. 10.07.2021
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In 2012 Ilmenau became the venue of the Film Leben Festival for the first time and has since established itself as a popular highlight in the Goethe and university town. Four times already, the city in the green heart of germany has been transformed into a screen for short films by producers from all over the world, from whose submissions a selection was made for screening at the festival. A jury evaluated the films presented and awarded prizes to the winners.

In July 2021 we want to take a look back at the last years by screening the winning films of the last years in a cozy atmosphere at the Ilmenau marketplace, catering on site is of course also provided. From animation to comedy/drama to science fiction, there is something for every film lover. If you are interested in exciting movies and good entertainment, you can buy tickets on pretix.eu from June 26th . We are looking forward to your visit!

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About the Film Leben Festival

The Film Leben Festival is organized and carried out every two years as a project of the AG Film im kulturelle Koordinierung e.V. in cooperation with students of the TU Ilmenau. Under the motto "Film beleben, Film vorleben, Film erleben" film enthusiasts are offered a platform for exchange across generations. The unique combination of nature, technology and culture is intended to revive the medium of film and the city of Ilmenau.