Graduation Ceremonies 2022

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Sa. 12.02.2022
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Humboldtbau TU Ilmenau
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Graduates from TU Ilmenau

Dear Alumni,

TU Ilmenau continues the tradition of handing out graduation certificates during the graduation ceremony and would like to honor your academic achievements and your successful graduation from TU Ilmenau.

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, graduation ceremonies are being hosted department-owned and on different dates. This will allow us to hold the event and adhere to the required sanitation measures. At the ceremony, the dean of your department will present you with your degree certificate.

We are pleased about your participation in the graduation ceremony. However, this requires your registration until January 30, 2022 (midnight). Please register here and be sure to observe the organizational information for registration.


Your AlumniCampus Team TU Ilmenau


Department event

Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (EI): Saturday, 12.02.22 | 16:00 p.m.

Computer Science and Automation (IA): Saturday, 12.02.22 | 16:00 p.m.

Mechanical Engineering (MB): Saturday, 12.02.22 | 13:00 p.m.

Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MN): Saturday, 12.02.22 | 10:00 a.m.

Economics Science and Media (WM): Saturday, 12.02.22 | 10:00 a.m.