Ilmenau Cleans Up! TU too?

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Sa. 17.09.2022
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City of Ilmenau
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Twice a year there is a garbage collection campaign in Ilmenau. Under the motto "Ilmenau cleans up" it is on Saturday, 17.09. again so far. Collection points will be set up at around 20 locations in the city and there will also be a collection point near the university at the "Haus am See" beer garden. Anyone who would like to help make our campus and the Ilmenau pond area cleaner is cordially invited to join in. Meeting point is at 10 am at the magnifying glass in front of the EAZ . What do you need? Gloves are recommended! Plastic bags would be helpful! Large plastic bags will be provided. If you know now that you would like to participate, please email info@umweltkampagnen.de. Of course, those who decide on the spur of the moment are also welcome.

In addition, there is also the possibility to clean up on your own in other places. Information on where to drop off the collected trash on Saturday can be found at www.umweltkampagnen.de. The trash will then be picked up by the city council next week at the designated collection sites.

Please take pictures of your finds and collection results and send them to info@umweltkampagnen.de so we can feature them on www.umweltkampagnen.de. There you will also find more information as well as pictures of past actions.