Ilmkubator.connects Start-up Roundtable in July

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Th. 27.07.2023
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Ilmkubator Finhütten: Lab & Community Finnhütten, Langewiesener Straße 32
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Ilmkubator.connects Start-up Roundtable in July

We cordially invite you to the last Ilmkubator.connects start-up roundtable before the summer break!

Together with you, we want to dedicate ourselves to the topic of team matching and bring you together with your suitable counterpart in a start-up speed dating.

Take the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with other start-up enthusiasts, founders and supporters over drinks and snacks. Weather permitting, we will also fire up the grill. (For refinancing, a small expense fee will be charged, which is to be paid on site into our cash register of trust. Thank you very much!)

For better organization please register in advance via Tower II: https://turm2.tu-ilmenau.de/course/open?ID=882

Ideally, you should also fill out our search-bid-profile and bring it with you so that we can post it on the team-matching wall. You can find the templates here.


Under the label Ilmkubator.connects, the TU Ilmenau start-up service organizes regular networking events such as the Founders' Round Table. All interested people, founders and entrepreneurs from the university and urban environment are cordially invited. The regulars' table can be credited for the certificate "Entrepreneurial Skills" within the scope of three work units.