Ilmkubator.connects Start-up Roundtable "IP-rights" with PATON

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Th. 25.05.2023
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Ilmkubator Finhütten: Lab & Community Finnhütten, Langewiesener Straße 32
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Ilmkubator.connects Start-up Roundtable on IP-rights with PATON

Intellectual property and property rights - these are the topics of our next Ilmkubator.connects Start-up Roundtable on Thursday, May 25!

Sabine Milde from PATON (Landespatentzentrum Thüringen) will explain to you and us in a relaxed atmosphere the relevance of intellectual property rights and present the most important aspects and types of these laws. Afterwards, you will of course have the opportunity to pose your questions to our guest and to get into conversation with her and the other participants.

Since networking works best with drinks and snacks, we will provide them in exchange for a small donation.

We look forward to seeing you there! - Next week Thursday, May 25, from 6 pm in the Ilmkubator Finnhütten (Langewiesener Straße 32)!


Under the label Ilmkubator.connects, the Start-up Service of TU Ilmenau organizes regular networking events such as the Start-up Roundtable. All interested parties, founders and entrepreneurs are cordially invited. The Roundtable can be credited as part of three work units for the "Entrepreneurial Skills" certificate.