International African Conference on Machine Learning Optimization and Applications

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Sa. 24.06.2023
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Machine learning and optimization methods have become the driving forces behind technological advances, enabling innovations and breakthroughs in various scientific research areas and applications.

The conference which takes place 24-26 July 2023 in Rwanda, aims to bring together renowned and young scientists, academics and practitioners and provide a platform to exchange expertise on current trends, future prospects and advanced applications of machine learning and mathematical optimization methods.

In addition to the exchange of research expertise and results, it is also intended to promote knowledge transfer and local and international research and development cooperation. This is also an opportunity for African researchers, academics, PhD students as well as practitioners to gain access to an international platform to present their scientific innovations and exchange research experiences.

The conference comes on a special occasion as the African Institute of Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) celebrates its 20th anniversary of its founding, beginning with AIMS South Africa in 2003.

  • The conference will take place in three streams: machine learning and applications; optimization: advances, methods and applications; applied sciences - engineering, sustainability systems, communication, science, etc.
  • The three-day conference is scheduled for academic interaction on July 24-25, 2023 and social events on July 26, 2023.
  • Interested conference participants are asked to submit an abstract as well as a full paper for consideration of the conference presentation. Selected manuscripts will be considered for publication in the conference proceedings.
  • Presentations can be conducted in person or online.

For more information, registration and paper submission please visit the conference website


Prof. Pu Li
Head of Process Optimization Group
TU Ilmenau