Short Course on Practical Microfluidics

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Mo. 07.03.2022
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Target group
PhD students, scientists and industrial researchers


  • fundamentals of microfluidics
  • micro systems technologies (MEMS, MOEMS)
  • manufacturing techniques for microfluidic devices
  • experimental characterization of micro flows using µPIV, µPTV and advanced three-dimensional techniques

Who should attend?

The course is intended for PhD students, scientists and industrial researchers who have already started to work in the field of microfluidics, or plan to do that in the near future and want to get familiar with the diverse possibilities of microfluidics. Different topics and challenges will be addressed during the course ranging from the fabrication of microfluidic systems to their experimental characterization, enabling the participants to identify difficulties and solutions in advance of own future projects. The adressed research areas comprise fluid dynamics, optical systems for sensing purposes, biochemistry, microfabrication and adjoining fields.

Please send your questions to microfluidics@tu-ilmenau.de.


Further information: www.tu-ilmenau.de/ttd/spm