The Internet of Things - An Overview and Current Trends

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Fr. 23.09.2022
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Röntgenbau Weimarer Straße 27
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All interested parties

Prof. Dr. Jörg Robert - TU Ilmenau
The Internet of Things - An Overview and Current Trends

The Internet of Things has been on everyone's lips for several years now. However, the question arises as to what the Internet of Things actually is. In the context of the lecture the topic will be examined more exactly and also the connection with mobile radio technologies (in particular "5G") will be pointed out. To this end, the topic of the Internet of Things will first be defined in more detail on the basis of application examples. In particular, the opportunities and risks of the technology for the user are discussed. Subsequently, the technologies required for the Internet of Things and still open research questions will be highlighted. A special focus will be on the fifth generation of mobile communications ("5G"). The presentation will conclude with an outlook on the commercial introduction of the Internet of Things.