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Mo. 06.02.2023
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...how can your studies change the world of tomorrow?

Brief description

Do you want to change the world of tomorrow? Are you passionate about topics like autonomous mobility, bio-inspired technology, artificial intelligence, networked communication, innovative energy concepts or sustainable economic models? Then take a look at #WissenschaftErklärt!

From February 07 to 10, 2022, teachers from Ilmenau University of Technology will address exciting topics of the future and delve into them in short lectures of about 45 minutes. Using practical examples, you will learn how your studies at the TU Ilmenau can make a difference and which exciting research projects you could be involved in. You will be introduced to the courses offered at TU Ilmenau and shown which departments are involved in research in the respective topics.

Program | Review

All events are broadcast online and there is also the possibility to ask questions. You will find the link to the respective online lecture in the lecture descriptions. They will be published shortly before the event starts.

Individual events will take place on site and can be attended live in the lecture hall. For on-site participation, a Registration is mandatory, furthermore the applicable Infection control measures must be observed. A maximum of 20 participants per lecture can be present on site - so register quickly!


(The program is subject to change!)

Monday, 7 February 2022

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Notes on the online lectures

Open the link in the browser - "click on "Join via browser - Enter name abbreviation and e-mail address -Let's go!

If joining via mobile, the WebEx Meeting App must be downloaded first.


Fit for Study Check

Your competencies will be discussed in the personal evaluation interview. It is not a general student advisory service. If you have any questions about language courses, recognition of your qualifications or the admission procedure, please contact Stephan Fischer  +49 3677 69-2023

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